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Friday, November 6, 2009

What's On The Box?

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With the launch of ABC 3 scheduled for the 4th of December this year, I have compiled a timeline of Australian free-to-air television channels. This shows all national channel movements from when TCN (now part of the Nine Network) went to air with the famous words "Good evening, and welcome to television", to the imminent ABC3. Network Ten is set to introduce another new channel (Greenguide, 5th November 2009), however as I know little about this I have not included it on this timeline.
Take a look - ABC 3 is not the ABC's first digital kids channel...

(View larger PDF)

In a related piece of news, Channel Nine have announced that Hey Hey It's Saturday will return for its first series in eleven years early next year. The program will air for 10-15 episodes starting in February.

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