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Friday, November 6, 2009

On A Friday: It's Just Not Cricket

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This week's On A Friday is a story, not without a cover, but without a name.

When watching the Channel 10 Midday News last Wednesday (6th of November) I found my self, inevitably, watching a report on the cricket. The introduction to the report was along the lines of a player being sent home with an injury, and the replacements being replaced due to the replacements being injured. All clear, however I noticed in this introduction that the news reader did not once say the word "cricket." When the report started I started counting how many times the word "cricket" was said.

Actually, I didn't - "started" implies that I found at least one mention of the word. Yes, an entire cricket report without saying the word cricket once! Not just that, but there wasn't even the word cricket visible - no clear logo, nothing! On top of that is that there was only a very short clip of cricket actually being played - if you blinked twice (with each blink in immediate succession) you would have missed it! Anyone who only knew the game by sight or not at all would have been completely at a loss if they had missed this!

Goes to show that the society you live in has a massive influence in how you interpret what you hear and see.

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