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Friday, March 26, 2010

On A Friday: They Just Don’t Listen

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The United Nations holds talks between hundreds of member states each year, making it one of the largest forums for global communication in the world. If this level of international collaboration and communication is possible, you could expect that a similar feat would be easily achieved within a single Federal Government department in Australia.

Last November I wrote the below text in an On A Friday post exposing the poor maintenance of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) website:

The main website addressing Australia’s FTAs [free trade agreements] only mentions the Australia-Chile FTA as being under negotiation, and “expected to come into force in January 2009”.

Fortunately, DFAT has a page on the Australia-Chile FTA which is up to date despite this main page being old. I’ll overlook the fact that the FTA came into effect two months later than expected!

I discovered this on the 7th of October [2009] and promptly emailed DFAT, however at time of writing (over a month and a half later) this vital piece of information has still not been updated.”

I am disappointed to say that the last point is still true and the website still holds the same information which is now over a year out of date!

DFAT -[Mildly worrying: The DFAT website remains out of date] 

I think I’ll be writing another email soon, however this time I might address it to a higher authority – maybe the Prime Minister’s office?


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