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Saturday, November 21, 2009

IT News: Wikipedia Beta Introduces New Add to Watchlist Shortcut

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It may not sound much, but the Wikipedia Beta now includes a new shortcut in the interface of the popular online reference.

The shortcut allows users to quickly add a page to or remove one from their “watchlist”, a process which used to be well hidden and most easily found during editing.

Wikipedia Watchlist Button Screenshot 

This addition to the already radically overhauled interface reinforces the website’s aim of becoming more accessible.

The watchlist function notifies users when a page has been edited.


To try the beta for yourself, you need a Wikipedia account (free from the website). Once logged in, select “Try Beta” from the links at the top right of the screen and you’re in.

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William PJ Kulich said...

sorry - reading this now I see a comma overload!

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