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Monday, November 16, 2009

On A Monday: As Time Goes By (Bye Bye Rove, Hey Hey Daryl)

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This is On A Friday in disguise. Yesterday marked the final episode of the Network Ten program ‘Rove’ (previously ‘Rove Live’, and on Channel 31 ‘The Loft Live’). Rove started on the Nine Network in 1999, the same year that Nine program Hey Hey It’s Saturday was axed.

This was no coincidence as it is known that then-Nine Executive Kerry Packer preferred Rove, and cancelled the still successful Hey Hey in favour of the new program. Rove soon moved to Network Ten.

Now, with the final Episode of Rove having aired and Hey Hey set to return for a new season in 2010, the irony sets in. Apart from a brief overlap in 1999, the two shows have never aired at the same time yet there hasn’t been a year without either since 1971!

Rove and Hey Hey – Mutually exclusive.

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