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Sunday, January 17, 2010

How To: Bring Admin Tools to Your Fingertips

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admin toolsApplies to:
Microsoft Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit editions).
Microsoft Windows Vista (Recommended usage for 32-bit editions only).
This is a little trick which is a really handy way to quickly access administrative tools. It is really simple to implement, however it is mentioned on the internet that this can crash 64-bit editions of Windows Vista. The example screenshots in this tutorial were taken in 64-bit Windows 7, which proves that it can be stable in 64-bit 7.

The process to create a link to this utility is really very simple. Firstly, create a new folder anywhere on your computer or on removable media. The trick to making this folder special is the name – name the folder anything you like (without using punctuation is the best way to ensure that this will work) and add the following to the end of the name:


Deselect the folder to change the name and the folder’s icon should change to the control panel icon (image: top right). The name you gave the folder should be the only visible part of the name.

Opening the folder will present a screen sorted into categories corresponding to different areas of Windows.

This trick may also work for users without administrative access, however these users may be prompted to enter administrator credentials when changing settings.



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