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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


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I have an awesome friend called Karrin.

Karrin is the proud mother (totally not adoptive) of an awesome cat called Nala.

The human race could learn a lot from Nala; she has a love for everything, no matter what it is.

Want proof? Here it is, straight from Karrin’s camera:

Such is Nala’s love for all things, she will hug a cactus to prove we must feel the same way about the world.

For the cactus’ future.

For OUR future.

I feel such an important figure in the rise of our morally superior feline overlords should be immortalised, and what better way to immortalise a cat then by captioning its photograph!

Here is one to slip in your wallet to remind you not to buy that piece of cow meat or environmentally destructive cactus scented shampoo:

cactus cat zero onecuckoosnest dot com

This one’s for those who need to be antagonised into doing hard things; I suggest hanging it in front of your treadmill or mounting it on your pushbike:

cactus cat one onecuckoosnest dot com

There is a problem in immortalising a cat in such a way though:

cactus cat two onecuckoosnest dot com

You can find Karrin’s Tumblr here:

Aaaaaaand you can follow me on Twitter here:!/onecuckoosnest

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