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Friday, December 17, 2010

On A Friday: Bad Ads

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I dislike advertisements.
Actually, no, I love a good advert. Artistic or entertaining advertising can really brighten my day and served to lessen the blow of SBS’s in-program ad breaks. Internet advertising, however, can be frustrating.
Not only do you get worthless junk and potential phishing sites flashing in small boxes on your screen, but if you are on a slow connection, a video ad can slow down or break a loading page.
I got so frustrated one day whilst roaming the internet that I felt the need to contact some people of a similar mindset. So, I typed “” into my address bar, thinking that I would be taken to a page of amusing anecdotes regarding advertising. What I was instead greeted with was a page that was as infuriating as it was comedicly ironic.
I landed on a parked domain, but not just any parked domain – the most ad-crammed parked domain that I have ever seen! Pop-up boxes, flash ads, text ads, ads about the page, ads about advertising, the lot!
Page Screenshot
The number of ads on this page have since been toned down a bit, but the subtle and probably accidental mockery of modern day frustrations holds to light the extent to which the internet is used for quick revenue generation these days.
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2 responses:

Anonymous said...

Go on, buy the domain!

William PJ Kulich said...

Seems that someone already has! It has changed domain registrar and no longer has the "buy" option.
Ah well, is still free!

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