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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Windows 7 Beta 1 in depth: Paint V6.1

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Windows 7 marks the first major change in Window’s built-in image editor, Microsoft Paint (Of Paintbrush in Windows 3.x), since the program was first bundled in Windows V1.

The new version of the program features shape tools with stroke settings, new brushes, cropping and the ability to scan and e-Mail pictures. Paint 6.1 also features gridlines and rulers and sports the ‘ribbon’ interface introduced in the Office 2007 system. Thumbnail and full screen view are now easily accessible in the ‘Views’ tab.

Paint 6.1 saves files in the .PNG file format by default and can save in the usual JPG, BMP and GIF files and can quickly set the image as the desktop background with display settings.

Right-clicking on the image now brings up an improved menu of shortcuts.

Screen shots:

PAINT Paint1 PaintFly-out

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