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Sunday, August 14, 2011

On A Friday: Everything must go!

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The phrase “selling out” has been taken more literally than usual by one Liberal National Party critic, who has decided to sell the party to the highest bidder on the behalf of the party administration.

Being auctioned under “religious products” on the online trading website eBay Australia is one “Liberal National Party”.

The unusual item is listed as “Used” by eBay seller “ilforddave”, with a more in-depth description of its condition reading as follows:

“The Liberal National is an old favourite but suffered an accident when it fell into a black hole and now needs complete restoration..
It has always run smoothly but has recently tended to lose control and veer to the right.
Fully restored it could provide a valuable resource for your home or mine.
The original policy manual has been mislaid, but currently the Liberal National Party has no polices in place to restrict an immediate take over.
Willing to sell to foreign buyer.
LOW starting price but hope to reach $73,000,000,000”

You can check out the listing and bid on this once-in-a-lifetime party take-over opportunity by clicking here. If the item has sold or been removed by eBay officials, you can click on the image below to view a screenshot of the sale.


Maybe Malcolm Turnbull will use his immense personal wealth to bid in this auction so he can again be leader of the presently cash-strapped party? With bidding thus far totalling just $1.29 from three bidders, he might get the party for a song!

It’s a safe bet too; ilforddave has 100% positive feedback for 125 transactions!


UPDATE: The seller has added the following information:

“I have been asked about bids from RupertbearM.  All I can say is that he has asked that he be allowed to be allowed to merge Foxtel with Austar as part of his bid and that part of the ABC be added to the package.”


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(Full link to listing:

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