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Friday, September 17, 2010

On A Friday: Deal or No Deal?

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This week’s On A Friday is a break from the usual politics theme of this website, however the financial discrepancy here is rather akin to that of the Coalition’s budget costings!

I was traversing the aisles of my local “Sam’s Warehouse” with a friend this week when he spotted this great deal:

onecuckoosnest_dot_com-2for8 Walter P. Smyte, you have been outdone!

So, for Mr Hockey’s sake, here is the maths:

If you were to to buy each can of deodorant in separate transactions with cash it would cost you $3.95 each (after rounding), making the total cost for two cans $7.90.

Together, after rounding it comes to $7.95.

But you can forget all that because, this one time, you get to pay $8.00 for the lot!

There actually is a practical application for the maths above. It shows that since the removal of one and two cent coins in Australia, making two transactions can actually save you five or ten cents! It also shows that opportunistic capitalism is alive and well.


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