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Monday, August 9, 2010

On A Monday: The most outdated video you will see this election

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Cast you mind back to the start of November 2007. John Howard was Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd was trying to depose the 11-year-old Liberal National Coalition Government and Peter Garrett made himself known for his “short and jocular” conversations.

Three years, three Opposition Leaders and two Prime Ministers later we have the 2010 Election Campaign. We have had the apology to the Stolen Generations, the Global Financial Crisis, the lowest Newspoll “Preferred Prime Minister” rating in history for former Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson and the “death” of WorkChoices.

We have borne witness to the defeat of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, the Resource Super Profits Tax that finally toppled Kevin Rudd from the Prime Minister’s podium, the beginnings of the National Broadband Network and a notable rise in the popularity of The Australian Greens.

Federal Parliament has waved goodbye to John Howard, Peter Costello, Brendan Nelson, Kim Beazley and Mark Vaile, and Lindsay Tanner announcing his imminent departure.

My, how Australia’s political landscape has changed! So, to kick off One Cuckoo Short of a Nest’s planned commentary of the 2010 federal election, we will be stepping through an amusing musical time warp.

This video by Australian musical comedy trio the Axis of Awesome dates back to the last federal election campaign. Yes, it’s the Election 07 Rap Battle! So voters, throw on your “bling”, get down to “da hood” and break the election down “old school”! Or just press play.

Wasn’t that a wonderful walk down memory lane!

Maybe it’s not quite right to say that this video is outdated. This campaign Kevin Rudd, John Howard and Peter Costello have all come back in to the spotlight, although arguably Kevin Rudd never really left centre stage in the first place. Joining them there has been Andrew Peacock, John Hewson, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Malcolm Fraser and Mark Latham. This election has turned out to be an all-stars event!

Twelve days out from the election – a lot could still happen on the campaign trail. Don’t forget though, base your vote off policy as well as publicity. Check out party websites and even Wikipedia for more information on each of the parties contesting this election.


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