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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

On A Friday: How To Escape A Ninja

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There has been a craze of “Ninjas can’t catch you if….” backgrounds sweeping the internet. One of my personal favourites is one designed for a dual monitor desktop that reads “Ninjas can’t catch you if you’re on another monitor.”

Two Monitor Pic
“Ninjas can’t catch you if… you’re on another monitor”

But despite this being a reasonable argument I am not convinced. Why? I am certainly no expert at dodging jumping, near-invisible, super-stealthy killers so I don’t take much comfort from there just being a monitor between me and them!

So to arm myself against these killers in black I have created my own safeguard. I feel it may just save my life:

other computer
“Ninjas can’t catch you if… you’re on another computer”
[CLICK IMAGE for larger version]

And with that advice I wish you a happy, ninja-free week.

P.S. – I know it’s not Friday but this is such an important community service announcement that one can throw convention to the wind!


2 responses:

Anonymous said...

That's why they have internet hacking into other people's computers.

William PJ Kulich said...

hahahaha that's a good point.
What if you're on a computer that isn't connected to the net?
But I suppose that that would be like encasing yourself in concrete to get away from something.

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